Pimping gifts since 2006


Rapping Paper was born out of the frustration of not being able to find any suitable gift wrap for my brother's birthday present - some immaculate 80's Nike high-tops. I dropped the 'w' from 'wrapping paper', mocked up a sheet featuring Run-DMC lyrics and Rapping Paper was born.

Since those heady days of printing sheets in my dad's living room it's gone on to be sold in Urban Outfitters across the globe and featured on boing boing, BBC and The Times.

'Yes, that's right gift wrap... hello?'

Before I could fulfil an order I spent weeks on the phone to record companies and artist representatives to try to find songs that I could use.


Developing the designs

I developed the designs over time to incorporate illustrations from the tracks and enlisted the help from friends for make-shift photoshoots.


As well as selling in Europe and the States in Urban Outfitters I was also packing orders across the globe from RappingPaper.co.uk.


Wouldn’t wrapping paper be better if it had rapping all over it? The answer’s yes, by the way.

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