Natwest Better Off

Helping people spend smarter and become 
Better Off


In the advent of Open Banking Natwest were keen to showcase their capabilities for the future, in conjunction with a bold new re-brand. 

The challenge was to create the next breed of data driven banking service that reconnected people with their money.

Welcome home

We kept things simple and gave people a comprehensive snapshot of how they were doing with a Better Off figure. This was based on their average performance over the last 6 months.


“Design the next breed of data driven banking service that people love, and prove what our market leading offering is in the Open Banking world”


Keep on top of your spend

With the bold use of inforgraphics we allowed users to quickly decipher how they were performing across transactions and categories.


Go further with Challenges

By identifying potential bad habits and allowing users to opt-in to change them we enabled them to take back control of their finances.

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