An iconic site for an iconic brand


As a kid I remember watching Ayrton Senna make history in a car so advanced it made everybody else look like rank amateurs. McLaren didn’t just win titles, it made history and it put Britain on the map in doing so. To be involved with the redesign of their new site was a no-brainer.

Excellence at every turn

For a brand obsessed with engineering perfection we knew we had to strive for the same. With interactive experiences, interviews with designers and showcasing the latest technology we immersed the user in the world of McLaren.

Award-winning assets

With such beautiful cars we needed photography that did them justice. Benedict Redgrove’s clean and sophisticated aesthetic matched closely with the perfection of McLaren.

Closer than ever before

By employing CGI we were able to take users closer into the cars than ever before. We used these as cinematic introductions and to highlight features.

The past revisited

McLaren’s history is littered with success stories. From their first road car - the iconic F1 - to the success they had on the track, they’ve always been a leader. Delving through the archives was both painstaking and a joy.