Helping Axe connect to a new type of man.


You’d be hard pushed to find anyone that wasn’t aware of ‘The Axe Effect’ campaign in the 90’s. Perfect as it was for the era with all it’s laddy clichés it felt both sexist and out of step with the contemporary notions of masculinity.

The new positioning - and tagline ‘Find Your Magic’  - aimed to tackle this by encouraging young men to be confident in their individuality, whatever form it came in. was to become the home for this proposition, a place where guys could find their inspiration and make it their own.

“We want Axe to become the number 1 online destination for male grooming”



Content is king

We partnered with thought leaders VICE, The London Barber, DJ Alesso and London Fashion Week to create content based on the most popular search terms that guys ask Google.

Culture driven commerce

We wanted a product page that lives in the real-world. Where guys can get style tips, see what others are doing with it and how they rate it.

Products that pack a punch

For the first time we allowed guys to get closer to the products by showing them what’s inside and how they work with beautiful macro shots.

Find your magic

So you know your magic? Great, but what about those that don’t? Enter the Magic Finder. By telling us about themselves guys received a specially selected range of articles, tips, hacks, and product recommendations - all tailor-made to suit their magic.

Form and function

Axe has a broad range of both products and content, so we decided to use the navigation as an opportunity to educate the user on the different types of both with rollover images. 

The Lynx effect! Deodorant becomes Britain's fastest-growing brand

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