Hi, I'm Si

Si Hill is an award winning British design director based in London. He specialises in art direction and motion. 

Si’s is an unconventional journey for a digital designer. Graduating from Brunel University in Industrial Design Technology meant he had a grasp of the physical world of design. From here he sought further education in San Francisco where he studied graphic design. It’s here that he learnt his craft.

After returning to London Si had the opportunity to help a diverse set of companies develop their products and services such as McLaren Automotive, The Times, Moet & Chandon, Natwest, Johnson & Johnson, The Times, Eurostar, GSK and P&G.

Recently Si lead the winning pitch for the Axe/Lynx account at Sapient Nitro which was delivered globally over the space of a year. Since launch of the new brand sales have grown 90% in just a year to £2.1billion, becoming the fastest growing brand in the UK.

In his spare time Si is the founder of Rapping Paper - lyrical gift wrap featuring licensed tracks from Run DMC, Eminem and The Sugarhill Gang. It has been sold throughout Europe and North America in more than 220 Urban Outfitter stores and featured on the BBC, boing boing, and The Times.

He’s currently Lead Designer at Fjord Interactive London.

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